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Skilled professionals, responsible organizations

Welcome to Professional’s Handprint™, the online learning platform of SYKLI Environmental College.  

A professional’s handprint means responsibility, quality and taking pride in one’s work. It is the positive impact that a skilled professional leaves in this world. 

With the help of the online courses of Professional’s Handprint™, employees, professionals and students can easily adopt the relevant sustainability and responsibility issues of their field. This way the organization can ensure the knowhow of their employees in the ever-changing world. 


We have currently launched our first course in English. Introduction to Sustainable Development has been specifically designed for professionals. In the future we will add in-depth courses on specific industries in English. The following are available in Finnish:

Who can benefit from Professional’s Handprint™?  


Responsibility and circular economy are part of today’s working life and the future. The goal of the online courses of Professional’s Handprint™ is to ensure that an organisation has to knowhow and the skills to achieve concrete responsibility goals in the changing world.  

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Educational institutions

Sustainable development has a strong role in the curriculum in all levels of education, and it should be integrated even further into the plans and practices of schools and universities. With the help of the online courses of Professional’s Handprint™ the education provider can make sure all students and staff have the necessary skills on sustainability in their competence areas. 

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Responsibility is built in today’s quality and skills. The online courses of Professional’s Handprint™ help to gain knowledge on sustainable practices of your own field at your own pace and convenience.  

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Why choose Professional’s Handprint™? 

Skilled professionals ensure concrete responsibility actions. 

Skilled staff can improve and strengthen the organisation’s brand and employer image. 

As a professional or a student you can update your knowledge on sustainable development. You get a certificate after completing each course that may benefit you at job market. 

An educational institute can offer up-to-date, good quality education on sustainable development by using the online courses.

Feedback from our courses

Good basic information, this should be compulsory to all citizens 🙂

Course: Introduction to Sustainable Development

From the point of view of marketing and tourism, I learned a lot as a professional. Greenwashing was an interesting topic.

Course: Sustainable travel

Good package, the case examples were interesting and there could be more of them 🙂 Nothing was redundant or unclear. Thank you for a clear and useful course and information.

Course: Introduction to Sustainable Development

Good and concise material. A lot of new and useful information.

Course: Sustainable Food Services

Good and interesting course as a while and a lot of good and up-to-date information. Everything that a janitor needs to know and should be able to understand and manage.

Course: Sustainable Property Maintenance

SYKLI Environmental College has been training sustainable professionals for over 20 years. We are a specialized college offering courses and training on the themes of sustainability, corporate responsibility and circular economy.